Parking, Express BUS Service, Shuttle Information, and Campus Map

Thanks to Robert Best for working out the details for our parking and shuttle service on the Baylor University campus.

General Information

  • Parking and shuttle services will be available free of charge for all participants and guests throughout the conference.
  • Refer to the campus map below for the Express BUS Service route and locations of specific buildings.
  • Express BUS Service from Ferrell Center/Getterman Softball/Baylor Ballpark lot (SOFTBL) is not available on Saturday.
  • Parking is available on campus in Faculty/Staff and Student spaces, and at Seventh and James Baptist Church (7JAMES - 602 James Ave.), after 3:00 PM on Wednesday-Friday.  This does not include spaces for the disabled and other reserved spaces (e.g. - library staff or other specific designations). 

Wednesday, November 7 – Edward Baird Singer of the Year Competition – Preliminary Round – Roxy Grove Hall; Summer Program Auditions – Recital Hall II; and Hall Johnson Auditions – Seventh and James Baptist Church Sanctuary

  • Parking is available in the Speight Parking Garage (SPT) which is less than a five-minute walk to Roxy Grove Hall (WACOHL) and 7JAMES.
  • To access a live count of available spaces in SPT, please click here. The entrance height clearance is 8’2”, and the ramp height clearance is 6’10”. 
  • In the unlikely event that parking is not available in SPT, you may park in any Faculty/Staff or Student parking in the 7JAMES lots or on nearby streets. 

Thursday, November 8 and Friday, November 9 – Daytime Events

  • Parking will be available at the SOFTBL lot.
  • Parking on campus for daytime events before 3:00 PM on these two days is prohibited due to the lack of available spaces.
  • Express BUS Service will ferry all conference participants to the front of the McCrary Music Building (MCRARY) and back to SOFTBL. 
  • Express BUS Service hours for these two days will be from 7:25 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Express BUS Service will be available every five minutes with an expected three-minute ride time each direction. 
  • All larger vehicles (buses and other vehicles that will not fit into a typical parking space) should drop off passengers at MCRARY and then proceed to SOFTBL for parking. 
  • For those conference participants who have judging assignments or auditions beyond 6:00 PM on these two days, it is advised that they move their vehicles to MCRARY or adjacent lots beginning at 3:00 PM since Express BUS Service may end before those activities have concluded.
  • A Baylor Lady Bears basketball game will likely be scheduled on the evening of the 8th beginning at 7:00.  If this is the case, Parking Services suggests that all Texoma Conference participants move any vehicles to MCRARY or adjacent lots by 6:15 to ease traffic flow.

Thursday, November 8 and Friday, November 9 – Evening Events

  • Parking for the evening performances of Baylor Opera Theater's one-act productions of Thomas Pasatieri’s Signor Deluso/Leonard Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti (Thursday) and the Distinguished Artist Series performance of Baylor alumna, Marjorie Owens (Friday) is available in all Faculty/Staff or Student spaces near or adjacent to MCRARY/Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center (HSFAC) beginning at 3:00 PM. 
  • Parking may be somewhat limited for the Thursday evening performance due to the Baylor library’s close proximity to MCRARY/HSFAC, so please plan accordingly.
  • Additional parking is also available at the Weithorn Visitors Center (across the street from HSFAC) for both evenings.

Saturday, November 9 – Daytime and Evening Events

  • Similar to previous evening events, parking is available in any Faculty/Staff or Student spaces adjacent to or near MCRARY, as well as WACOHL and 7JAMES. 
  • Larger vehicle transportation should follow the same procedure as the previous two days, but note that there is no Express BUS Service on Saturday. 

Waco Hall/McCrary Music Building Shuttle Service

  • The School of Music is providing a shuttle service to and from MCRARY, WACOHL (which includes Waco Hall East classrooms, Recital Hall II, and Roxy Grove Hall), and the 7JAMES Sanctuary. 
  • Shuttle service will comprise of three 6-passenger golf carts and will begin 30 minutes before auditions begin on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, and will continue until auditions have concluded. 
  • Teachers, pianists, and conference attendees that may have difficulty walking will have first priority for transport. 

Balyor Map