2018 Texoma NATS Artist Series

Artist Series #1

Composer as Poet

Jacquelyn Matava, mezzo-soprano

Carolyn True, piano


Artist Series #2            

Ben Moore’s “Dear Theo” for Tenor Voice and Piano: A Performer’s Guide

Gregory Gallagher, tenor

Kayla Paulk, piano


Artist Series #3           

Determining Repertoire Assignments for the Developing Voice Through Works of Black Female Composers

Gwendolyn Alfred, soprano

James D. Rodriguez, baritone

Atrina McCain, piano


Artist Series #4         

Belting: What We Need to Know to Train Young Female Voice

Blythe Cates, soprano


Artist Series #5        

Improvisation as Generative Tool for New Opera

Ellen Denham


Artist Series #6

The Forgotten Lieder of Franz Schreker

Alicia Wallace, soprano

Nola Strand, piano


Artist Series #7       

Urtext Dichterliebe: New Musico-poetic interpretations with the Additional Heine Poems David Kirkwood, tenor

Cordelia Lam Kirkwood, piano


Artist Series #8    

Czech Your Diction: adding this Slavic language to your toolbox is easier than you think!

Elizabeth Avery


Master Teacher Series: Master Class by Barbara Honn

Artist Series #9          

Deux--Classical Vocal Duo presents Lesser Known Gems of the Vocal Duet Repertoire

Crystal Jarrell Johnson, mezzo-soprano

Angela Malek, soprano

Elena Portnaya, piano


Artist Series #10

La Voix Feminine

Stephanie Beinlich, soprano

Kayla Paul, piano