Does National NATS expect each Regional and Chapter/State Audition to police the students and pianists to be sure the Policy is being followed?

Yes.  This has always been the case since NATS auditions began with any policies regarding auditions.  Just as each chapter/district/region has guidelines which they expect to be enforced regarding their auditions at the local level, the national guidelines establish an overall framework to ensure all auditions are conducted within an agreed upon framework that also recognizes and allows some room for customization of auditions based on local practice.  For example the committee vigorously talked about a standardized scoring process and standardized repertoire and divisions but quickly recognized that these items would take much longer to implement and need a lot of discussion.  Instead they opted for listing best practices in these areas.  With copyright we are dealing with LEGAL issues so the policy must be consistent.

A. If so, what suggestions have been made as far as who is to do this?

It is up to each group to determine the best manner to do this.  Some groups have already been doing this for a long time.

B. What suggestions does National NATS have for monitoring this and enforcing it at the different levels of students auditions (Chapter, District, Region, State)?

Examples of current practice include:

  1. Checking for legal copies at the student check-in--recommended
  2. Checking for legal copies at the time of audition--not recommended due to potential problems with keeping the audition times running smoothly.  It also allows too much diverse input from judges as to what is allowed increasing the likelihood of errors.
  3. Honor code:  A lot of education on the front end followed by reporting suspected violation when noticed by judges in the audition room as specified in the new guidelines under reporting copyright violations.

Unless you want to get into the habit of also verifying correct repertoire during check-in, (which I would not want to do in large auditions if it was me) quickly verifying the legal copies for at least 95% of singers should take no more than 30 seconds each if everyone is prepared during the check in process.  This can easily be done by the student assistants staffing the check in tables and having the singer present the legal copies for review.  If anything other than traditional published scores are presented, send them to a separate table where there are 2-3 teacher volunteers assigned to verify the scores.

C. The large number of participants for our Chapter, State, and most especially Regional Auditions, is cause for concern.  The largest number for Texoma Auditions was in the 700’s; the mechanics of enforcing any strict policy on site are overwhelming.

Everyone has their challenges.  With more students come more teachers to serve in various capacities.  Texoma is fortunate to have a large number of teachers.  There are some chapters that have hundreds of singers in auditions but a relatively small membership.  These are the ones that are going to have to plan even more carefully.