The Texoma Region of NATS has been hosting Summer Program Auditions (formerly Young Artist Program Auditions) since the Fall 2014 conference. 

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, in conjunction with our annual Texoma Regional Conference and Student Auditions, we will be hosting our Fifth Annual Summer Program Auditions (SPA). This program has grown tremendously over the past four years and we are excited to offer this opportunity again.

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You are highly encouraged to promote this wonderful opportunity to students who could benefit greatly from attending such a program. If you are affiliated with a summer music program, I invite you to participate in this opportunity to hear a wealth of potential program participants in one location. These auditions give your students the opportunity to sing for multiple summer music programs at the same time for one low fee of $20. It is a cost-effective opportunity for both the auditioning singers and the summer program panelists.

Any student of a current Texoma NATS Member in good standing is eligible to audition for the "Summer Program Auditions" even if not registered to participate in the “Student Auditions” of the conference.

Please encourage your interested students to submit their applications early as there will be a cap on the number of singers accepted to audition this year.

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If you and the program you are associated with would like to participate, PLEASE EMAIL by October 19, 2018.

***Last year, the Texoma Board of Control voted in favor of a change to our SPA policies. Beginning with our 2017 regional conference, representatives who do not have Texoma region representation will be allowed to participate in the auditions. Preference will be given to programs with Texoma representation, so please respond by September 21 to secure your spot. Non-Texoma NATS represented programs will be offered spots in the audition room after September 21st.

• Audition Date: Wednesday, November 07, 2018

• Location: Baylor University

• Audition Fee*: Programs will waive any regularly charged audition/registration fees for this event. However, programs reserve the right to charge an “application fee” to any singer to whom they issue an invitation. Students will pay a nominal registration fee of $20 to offset logistical expenses and accompanist fees. A pianist will be provided for the audition.

• Audition Type: All program representatives (one per program in the audition room) will be in a collective audition.

• Repertoire: 2 operatic arias and 1 art song (3 different languages)

• Time Limit: 5 minutes

• Application Process: In addition to submitting repertoire information, each student must upload a PDF document of their resume, and a JPEG headshot.

Registration will close on October 19th 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

For questions regarding online registration, please contact:
San-ky Kim, Texoma Web Master

For questions regarding payments, please contact:
Gregory Brookes, Treasurer/Registrar

For questions regarding Summer Program auditions, please contact:

Louima Lilite, Summer Program Auditions Chair

The following Programs participated in 2017