Three rounds will be conducted within each classification (except Adult):

A. Preliminary Round

  1. Singers in all classifications will sing one song of their choice and then songs selected by the judges within the time limits outlined in Section V, Number 5.
  2. During the preliminary round ONLY, the judges will write constructive comments on their scoring sheets. These sheets will be returned to the singers prior to the start of the semi-final round in order that the singers may benefit from the written comments.

B. Semi-Final Round

  1. Only students who have received 2 scores of 90 or above or an average score of 90 or above will enter the semi-final round.
  2. There is no limit on the number of semi-finalists.
  3. Each student will sing one selection of his/her choice. This selection must be one of the numbers submitted in the preliminary round entry.
  4. Each judge will give only one score between 70 and 100. There will be no written comments and these rating sheets will not be returned to the students.
  5. Final tabulations will be made by the Auditions Chair and assistants.
  6. The judges are not to confer until after their rating sheets have been delivered to the Auditions Office.
  7. Only the top 5 singers will enter the finals unless there is a tie.

C. Final Round

  1. Youth Divisions
    • The Auditions Chair will announce the rooms and judges.
    • Each student will sing one song of his/her choice. This selection must be one of the numbers submitted in the preliminary round entry.
    • The judges will not confer. Each judge ranks the finalists from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest). Results are returned to the Auditions Office and tabulated.
  2. College and Advanced Divisions
    • Finals for Divisions 7A-12A are held in the afternoon of the last day of the conference.
    • Finals for Divisions 11B-14 are held in the evening of the last day of the conference.
    • All of the rules outlined above under Youth Division will also apply for the College and Advanced Divisions.
    • All awards are presented during the Finals on the last evening of the conference.

TIES: Should there be more than one first place winner, the awards for the first and second places will be pooled and divided equally among the winners. All will be called First Place Winners. This policy holds for ties in all the places. In the event that there are more than five finalists, a certificate of "Honorable Mention" will be awarded to the other finalists.