Please Check the "National Student Auditions Complete Regulations"

Scoring and Judging

  • The Student Auditions are primarily designed to give students an opportunity to be judged. The motivating spirit is a mutual seeking and cooperative effort towards the highest in vocal artistry and technique through hearing and being heard, judging and being judged within a climate of genuine concern. It is altogether appropriate within this spirit that certain outstanding young singers receive recognition and awards.
  • All Student Auditions are open to observation as space permits.
  • Previous First Place winners are NOT eligible to enter the classification in which they won. However, they are permitted to enter the next higher classification. There are two exceptions to this rule: A Youth Division first place winner may re-enter categories 3A, 4A, 3B, and 4B, assuming he/she meets all other eligibility requirements. Previous First Place winners of categories 11B or 12B may re-enter those categories during their fifth year of undergraduate studies, assuming he/she meets all other eligibility requirements.

A teacher who is entering students in the student auditions may not accompany any students. Students must bring their own pianist. One pianist may not be assigned to more than 10 students

Audition Time Limits

Each classification has a different time limit. The time limit includes ALL aspects of the audition, not just the actual singing time. Timing begins when the student announces his/her first selection.

Youth 8 minutes
Lower College 10 minutes
Upper College 12 minutes
Advanced 15 minutes
Adult 10 minutes

All singers participating in the auditions are to be rated according to the following levels during the preliminary and semi-final rounds:

90-100 Excellent
85-89 Very Good
80-84 Average, needs work in one or more areas
70-79 Below average, improvement needed before further competition


All singers who place in the competition will receive a certificate to mark their achievements. In addition, the following awards will be presented.

High School Divisions

Cash awards are not given to finalists in the high school divisions. However, the first place winners will receive $100.00 scholarship toward college tuition or further study. Application for monetary awards must be submitted in writing to the Auditions Chair.

College Divisions

Categories 7A – 12B Categories 13 – 14
First Place: $85 First Place: $105
Second Place: $75 Second Place: $90
Third Place: $65 Third Place: $80
Fourth Place: $55 Fourth Place: $70
Fifth Place: $45 Fifth Place: $60 

Grady Harlan Award

A special certificate is awarded to the most promising professional voice selected by a panel of judges from first place winners in Divisions 11B, 12B, 13, and 14.  The Grady Harlan Award winner receives $250.