Registration will open Monday, September 9, 2019 and will close Friday, October 4 at 6 p.m.

Click HERE to go to the National NATS site to register for the Regional Conference and Student Auditions.  You will have to log in with your National NATS login information.

Registration will close Friday, October 4 at 6 p.m.

To register students for the Student Auditions, you will need to be up to date on your NATS national dues. You will access the registration process through the NATS website at Login at the NATS website, click on Member Home, and then scroll down until you seen the green box “NATS Audition Registration”—and this will take you to the registration program.

Detailed instructions for accessing the registration program, navigating the program and trouble shooting this process can be found at:

Before you begin to register students, you will need the following information for each student. Please be accurate with the information as it is used in the submission process as students advance towards the National rounds. You are able to save and leave the audition program if you find you need to complete it at a later time.

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number


Birth Date

Audition Category

Pianist Name

At the Texoma NATS website, you will find information regarding categories, repertoire requirements, eligibility, time limits and more under the Student Auditions tab, under the Auditions button,

A few reminders and some helpful hints regarding areas that people frequently encounter trouble with registration:

Ensure that your students have an art song in English. This is a requirement of all categories at the classical NSA auditions—and it must be an art song, not an aria or musical theater selection.

Please ensure that you have the correct number of languages represented for your students’ categories (i.e. categories 11-14 must have at least 3 languages represented).

Please be sure that you have your correct school listed under your judge’s profile and that this school exactly matches the spelling and capitalization of the school your student attends. It is highly likely that your college or university is already available in the drop down menu, if your school has submitted students before. Please check here first, before entering it yourself. If you are an independent teacher, please list your school/studio as “Your Last Name Voice Studio” – i.e. “Brou Voice Studio”

Some extra resources that you may find useful:

Please review the NATS photocopy policy and be reminded that iPads are NOW permitted for pianists to play from. 

The National Auditions Regulations provides an excellent guide to the competition as well as walks the reader through the process for students if they move beyond the regional auditions.

An additional excellent resource is the Frequently Asked Questions page on the National Student Auditions section of the NATS website:

Finally, Summer Program Auditions will be registered through through the link under the Auditions tab.

If you should need further assistance in regards to the upcoming conference or auditions, the following points of contact will come in useful:

For questions regarding Hall Johnson Spirituals Competition

Michael Hix ( -- Rio Grande District Governor 

For questions regarding Summer Program Auditions

Louima Lilite ( -- Oklahoma District Governor

For questions regarding the Conference Artist Series

Jeff Snider ( -- North Texas District Governor 

For questions regarding NATSAA

Randy Umstead ( -- Texoma Region Governor

For questions regarding the Texoma website

San-ky Kim ( -- Webmaster

For questions regarding Registration

Greg Brookes ( -- Treasurer/Registrar

For questions regarding Repertoire/Student Auditions

Melinda Brou ( -- Student Auditions Chair 

For questions regarding our conference venue

Molly Fillmore ( – Site coordinator

I look forward to working with each of you in the coming months and to seeing you in November.


Melinda Brou