Please check later in spring for the 2018 Auditions Information.  Following information was for 2017 Conference.

Student Audition Entry, Summer Program Audition, and Early Conference Registration Deadline is October 10, 2017 at 6:00pm CDT.

Texoma Student Auditions General Information

  1. National dues must be paid in full before you can register your students.
    Dues can be paid by logging into the website.
    The Student Audition entry Deadline is October 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm CDT.
  2. The Student Auditions are offered only to students of those members who attend the conference. Remember that if you enter students in the auditions, you MUST attend the entire conference, which includes the Thursday morning judges meeting, and be available for judging assignments. If you fail to attend the Thursday morning judges meeting and avail yourself to judge for the entire conference, your students will be disqualified.  (This does not apply to private studio teachers who are entering only high school students.  In your case, see section at bottom labeled Independent Teachers.)
  3. The student audition fee is $20.00.
    1. Please pay all fees when you register your students.
  4. Number of entrants:
    1. Each teacher may enter a maximum of six (6) students in the College and Advanced divisions and a maximum of six (6) students in the Adult division. However, a teacher may enter one extra student for each college and/or Edward Baird Singer of the Year finalist he/she had in the previous year's student auditions.  The Hall Johnson Spirituals Competition does not count toward this maximum number.
    2. There is no restriction on the number of students a teacher may enter in the Youth divisions, however only ten (10) singers may be assigned per pianist!
    3. Teachers can enter an unlimited amount of students for the Hall Johnson compoetition to be held on Wednesday, November 8.  These students will not count against their limit of 6 students in the College and Advanced categories.
  5. Registration will be done through the website
    1. See instructions below, under “Registration Instructions for Texoma NATS Student Auditions”
  6. Student Repertoire Sheets must be printed by each teacher from the website.  Complete instructions on this process will be distributed approximately one week before the conference.
    1. After Repertoire Sheets are printed, teachers should give these to their students to present to the judges when entering the room. Students will need 3 copies of the repertoire sheets to give to the judges.
  7. Accompanists are allowed to play for no more than 10 singers. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  8. Accompanists must play from the original score or from sheet music that is a purchased download or available from approved public domain websites.
    1. It is the individual teacher’s responsibility to make certain his/her students are in full compliance with the copyright laws of the United States.  See last page “NATS Policy on Copyright Laws” for more information.
  9. Teachers must complete the registration process for the Texoma Student Auditions. Students are not permitted to register themselves.
  10. In order to help you plan for the coming Texoma Conference, please note the various registration fees:

Conference Registration (one per teacher, students do not register)

Conference Registration (HS Saturday only) $20
Student Audition Entry Fee (per student) $20
Hall Johnson Spiritual Competition Entry Fee $20
Elizabeth Baldwin Recital Ticket $20
Xerxes Event Ticket $15
Meal voucher $9
Summer Program Auditions Entry Fee
(paid by student separately from Conference Registration)
Parking Free 
no pass needed

Registration Instructions for Texoma Student Auditions

  1. Confirm that you have paid your National dues through the website.
  2. Gather your students’ information. You will need to know:
    1. Student’s name
    2. Student’s age as of October 10, 2017
    3. Student’s birthday (including year)
    4. Student’s email address
    5. Number of semesters of voice study
    6. Division (Review “Student Audition Categories” under Student Auditions at
    7. Accompanist Name. Please be absolutely consistent in the spelling of the name of the accompanist. In order for an accompanist to not be double booked through the scheduling program, the name must be spelled identically each time.  Teachers with students who will be using the staff pianist for the Hall Johnson Competition should select Hall Johnson Staff Pianist for the student off of the list of the pianists.
    8. Name of previous teacher, if the student has studied with you for less than 8 months
  3. Review the Repertoire Requirements and gather your students’ audition repertoire information. For each piece, you must enter:
    1. Title (include name of larger work if from one)
    2. Composer
    3. Language
  4. Login to
    1. Go to “Member Home”
    2. Scroll down your “Member Home” page about halfway.
    3. Click on the green button, NATS Auditions Registration,
    4. This will take you to the website
    5. Click on the button, Register for Auditions
    6. Select the Fall 2017 Texoma Competition
    7. Follow the steps as directed by the program.
      If your school name does not appear in the drop down menu, then please add it to the list. If you are with a private or independent studio then please list the studio with your last name followed by “private” or “independent” studio, for example “Brou Private Studio” – please then be sure that this is the exact wording/spelling that you use when you list your affiliations later on in the registration process.
    8. Add in any meal vouchers or concert tickets you wish to purchase
    9. When you are finished registering all of your students, you need to complete your registration by paying your fees. A button at the end of the process called, Go to Payment Page, will send you back to where you will submit your payment and print your receipt.
    10. Because of the new login process, it is suggested that everyone begin their registration comfortably before the deadline of October 10, 2017 at 6:00pm CDT.
  5. Double-check that you and your students are in compliance with the NATS Policy on Copyright Laws.


For questions regarding online registration, please contact:

San-ky Kim, Texoma Web Master.

For questions regarding payments, meal vouchers, and concert tickets, please contact:

Gregory Brookes, Treasurer/Registrar,

For questions regarding repertoire and audition rules, please contact:

Melinda Brou, Texoma Student Auditions Chair,

Independent Teachers

The Texoma NATS Board of Control approved a new rule for any teachers interested in bringing only high school students to the auditions in November. Per the new rule, Texoma NATS will allow teachers only entering high school students the option of attending the Saturday events of the Conference at a reduced registration fee of $20. You are welcome to attend the entire conference for the regular registration fee of $50.